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Why Should You Choose Art of Learning (AOL)?

Language is very much an essential asset to oneself when presenting to an international crowd. In today’s society, students from high school have been exposed or already developed the infamous slang English – Manglish (Malaysia English). The existence of the Manglish usage has been shown on the internet, watsapp texting & homework. It has become a habitual form that students have practice, causing a massive concern amongst teachers & parents.

Do you find it a challenge to support your child’s writing & speaking in proper English sentence? Seems like have an English tutor in Kuala Lumpur can be useful for you. Our purpose is to support students achieve mastery in one language firstly, slowly they can explore to other languages such as Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, German, many more…

Our students come from different walks of life – age, size, language proficiency & nationality. We can support classes ranging from Primary/ Secondary Schools, College Entrance Exams, Leisure Learning & International Students (learning English as second language).

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Easy & Fun To Learn

Our methodology & syllabus of the language subject involves massive repetition & fun to instill the language memory muscles into our students. You will definitely have a good session with our tutors. 🙂

Professionally Trained Teachers

Our tutors are professionally trained to teach our students to develop mastery in languages. We screen thru our tutors to ensure the best quality of our delivery!

Private & Group Setting

We highly encourage our students to excel in their learning by creating an atmosphere that suits their learning capacity. You can choose between private class or group class setting.

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Hear From Our Customers!

I have engaged a home tutor to support my exam preparation for IELTS. Ms.Tan is very helpful & have patience to guide me since English is my second language.

Lisa Lee

Sending my children for English & Mandarin Classes to was the Best Decision ever. My children always find the classroom style of learning very structured & easily get bored. After 5 sessions, my child has become so excited & is very initiative to ask adults what certain Chinese characters means. I’m really happy to see his progress.

Nancy Chan

Ever since I have taken a new job related to shipping in China, I notice I was Chinese Illiterate to converse for business negotiation. A friend of mind recommended & I was hesitant because chinese characters was very difficult to learn at an adult age. However, I just gave a chance & enrolled myself to try it out. To my surprise, the tutor Ms.Lee has been very helpful & the way she taught her syllabus is very easy to understand. I’m very happy with my choice made, Highly Recommended! ^^

Alan Kow