Japanese Lessons in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re looking for a place to study Japanese Language in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, look no further: we are a leading institution offering courses that are structured to take you through the learning process systematically, and in a manner that will see to it that you’re able to both write and speak the Japanese language with same flow a native speaker of the language has.

With our lessons, you’ll be able to learn things such as the Japanese alphabet including Kanji (Japanese characters), Katakana and Hiragana. Not forgetting Japanese grammar, vocabulary, phrases and sentences. Meaning, by the time we are done, there’ll be so little to distinguish the way you speak with the way a native speaker of the language runs with it.

What sets our mode of teaching apart from a wide range of other institutions offering the same tutorials is the way we teach our students how to construct their sentences and conjugate verbs. If you’ve ever tried learning how to speak any language then you definitely know how important this is to those learning how to speak any language fluently.

Unlike English language, learning Japanese language is as simple as abc. First we will take you through the basics then help you polish through everything in way that is NOT only fast, but also simple to understand. There are so many reasons as to why anyone would want to learn the Japanese language; the first being that Japanese happens to be the third largest economy worldwide and the most diverse in Asia (view source) Generating an average of $5 trillion GDP since 2005, the only nation with a GDP bigger than Japan’s is the US. This makes Japan one of the nations to eye for if you’re looking for a way to expand your career base.

A third of the world’s internet language community also happens to be Japanese, accounting to an estimated 88 million of all internet users. This makes the Japanese the people to start targeting if you’re looking for new business associates or new market for some of the products being produced in Malaysia. That being said, you can inquire about the Japanese courses offered by filling up the form below. 🙂


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