Korean Lessons in Kuala Lumpur

Gotten the Hallyu fever? Want to learn how to speak fluently like a local when you visit to Seoul or Busan? Or to watch the latest drama episode without the aid of subtitles. Whatever your goal is, Art of Learning is here to achieve your language need.

Our Korean language classes are designed to help beginners to speak Korean with a step-by-step approach. Workbook & homework are provided as supplement for students to be accustomed with the Hangul writing system. With consistent practice & discipline, our students can grasp the learning & writing system in a matter of time. Normally students will practice by inserting the romanisation beside the subjects/objects. E.g; 학교 (hak-kyo) = school. However, our syllabus completely removes this practice with our students. In no time, you will be reading like this; 학교 = school.

If you are keen to learn the foreign language for leisure or exam purpose, leave us an enquiry below & our administrative personnel will attend to you within 48 hours. Talk soon! 🙂



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RM150 Registration Fee (One Time)

4 Lessons in a month

5 pax

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Private Class

(RM95/ hour)

RM150 Registration Fee (One Time)

4 Lessons in a month 
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