Toddler & Children Class

Language Class for Toddlers in Kuala Lumpur

While many adults often struggle to learn a new language, children are efficient learners with incredible retention capacities. If you want to your kids be fluent multilinguals as they grow into adulthood, there is no better time to enroll them in foreign language classes than at a young age. According to research conducted by the University of Manchester, schoolchildren who learn more languages are usually better speakers. So, what do language classes for children actually entail? Are the lessons any different in content and structure than they are for adults? Keep reading to find out.

No Professional Focus

Adults typically learn a foreign language for professional reasons. Either they want to pursue a career in interpretation and translation, chase a career in a foreign country or start college in another country. In a language class for children, teachers simply focus on nurturing kids’ ability to to communicate in another language. They also help them develop an enthusiasm for foreign language learning.

Classes Are More Fun!

Although adults can learn a foreign language for fun, lessons are not really exciting. Trainers often use adult-centered materials like recorded conversations, podcasts and newspaper articles as learning aids. On the other hand, language classes for children are fun-filled and engaging. Teachers use a combination of storytelling, drama, songs, games and toys to enable the kids acquire a new language.

Even though there are many learning institutions offering language classes for children, finding the best one can be a real challenge. If you are looking to helps your kids acquire one or two foreign languages at an age when they are most receptive, Art of Learning ( should be your destination of choice. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the institution is one of the best providers of language classes for both adults and children. Our trainers are qualified and competent, prices are so friendly and they teach a variety of languages, including French, English and German. Contact us today and watch your kids grow into fluent foreign language speakers!